German Bishop, Danger Of Islamization Due To Lack Of Faith And Children

This is no natural immigration. This is a well thought out policy to take out Catholicism and overthrow Europe and America. Yes, we sure do have a problem with faith and low birthrate. Let's not downplay the threat and reality of what is going on with this immigration invasion. Satan is at work here. I agree with the Bishop's words but we need more than words about really old news. Enough talk, … More
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Men Without Faith Reign The Church - Bishop Athanasius Schneider

That is the truth. Are they faithless politicians ? Do some of them have George Soros on speed dial ? Are some of them lovers of the wisdom of the world ??

Abortion: Growing, growing...

Thank God for the Remnant of Faithful still left there!
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Later John Paul I Was In Favour Of Birth Control Pill

Before the pill existed we were still against birth control, Yes ?

Renovated Austrian Church Shows New "Theology Turned To Stone“

It looks more like pride then humility, but at least they have kneelers.

Bishop Says It Again: Francis Is An Antipope

As the world is going, the Church is going. Totally backwards !!! A whole lot of C O N F U S I ON in this Papacy. Truth is clear. Black and White can be done with mercy. Instead we have grey with apparent mercy.

Irish Bishop: Receiving Communion For Abortion-Voters “A Matter Of Conscience”

Don't they also have to have a firm purpose of amendment? I mean if they say i would vote the same way tomorrow-would it be a valid confession ??

WALSH: No, God Does Not Make People Gay

whether one is made gay or not is not the question is it ? The important thing is that one does't act on it and remains chaste and also believing that accepting homosexual activity by thought or action is sinful.
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Bishop Asks For Combatting Heresy "Inside The Church"

Bishop Athanasius Schneider Is one of the heroes of the church today. Listening to him is like breathing fresh air ! It is apparent that he believes that the Church and Her teaching should change society and the world and not the other way around so much.
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