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Winged Ox

"Luke, the saintly evangelist, achieved well-merited glory in the Church by telling of the gentle nature of Christ." – Magnificat antiphon for the feast of St Luke. The winged ox is the symbol for … Περισσότερα
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Female cyclist who lost to trans ‘woman’ blasts ‘definitely’ unfair competition

The bronze medalist in last weekend’s female cycling championship isn’t pleased she lost to a biological male who identifies as a woman, Jennifer Wagner revealed this week. Wagner placed third in … Περισσότερα
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alex j
I don't blame her! That so called 'Trans' woman, should be put on the Trans Continental Train to Siberia.

Il Sismografo

Israele Assembly of Catholic Ordinaries condemns desecration of Salesian Cemetery in Beit Jamal LPJ The cemetery of the Salesian Monastery at Beit …
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Twitter CEO, "Free Speech Not Our Mission, A Joke"

"This quote around free speech was never a mission of the company, it was a joke." - Jack Dorsey
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alex j
These Social Media types have gotten to big for their boots!!!!
Facebook just shut down a triple amputee Iraq veteran's page which had over 3 million followers because it was posting too much pro-Trump news. They … Περισσότερα

NIH Spends $13.5 Million on Aborted Baby Parts to Transplant Their Brain Tissue Into Mice

A new government contract uncovered by CNS News shows the federal government continues to spend taxpayer dollars on research using aborted baby …
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Rambling Archbishop Advocates "Different" Church

Bolognas pro-gay Archbishop Mateo Zuppi repeated during a Youth Synod press conference (October 18) the myth that Pope Francis [allegedly] fosters an attitude of "speaking with everyone" and of "…
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Lisi Sterndorfer
Orwell on language comes to mind. Christ didn’t spout obscurantist gobbledygook
He gets a doctrine on homosexuality: 1. The Fires of Sodom & Gommorah (Gen 19:24). 2. The condemnation of Christ (Matt 10:15). 3. The condemnation … Περισσότερα
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Cardinal Schönborn Turns His Cathedral into Disco

Vienna Cathedral was on October 5 the scene of a crude disco spectacle - officially labeled an "ecumenical prayer" - with musicians jumping up and down in the presbytery (video below). The English-…
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Wow! The abomination of desolation!
They embrace Evangelical Pentecostalism.
Bishop Egan of Portsmouth asks his priests to wear purple vestments of penance this Sunday and say silent offertory prayers in reparation for abortion.

23 October

The admirable Lord Bishop of the diocese in which I am domiciled (although, of course, I am incardinated in the Ordinariate) has asked his priests …
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Feast of St. Luke The Evangelist - October 18

Catholic Archdiocese Of Sydney (d. c. 84) Luke wrote one of the major portions of the New Testament, a two-volume work comprising the third Gospel and Acts of the Apostles. In the two books he … Περισσότερα
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Promises of the Sacred Heart of Jesus to Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque

Prayer in Adoration of the Sacred Heart Jesus Christ, my Lord and my God, Whom I believe to be really present in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar, receive this most profound act of adoration to … Περισσότερα
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820 Million Go Hungry - Perspectives Daily

saltandlighttv on Oct 16, 2018 Pope Francis spoke to leaders of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations in recognition of World Food Day on October 16. While the FAO hopes to end … Περισσότερα
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Pope Francis Meets With Polish President Andrzej Duda

currentsnews on Oct 16, 2018 Polish President, Andrzej Duda, visited the Vatican to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the election of John Paul II. It was the second time he had met the pope.
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Qué diferencia, como recuerdo a Juan Pablo II.
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Paul VI Was Pope of "Renewal” - Cardinal Sarah

Cardinal Robert Sarah has called Paul VI a pope of the "renewal of the Church” although his pontificate was the beginning of the Church's biggest and still ongoing downfall in history with …
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Dear All, this news cannot be confirmed by the Vatican News website - recent articles about Sarah do not include the above topic: www.vaticannews.… Περισσότερα
Great renewal! The Church leaders have apostacized , the latity have left and we have a communist pope. I can't wait to see what comes next.

This is what happens to "disturbers of the [false] peace"

Trying to live a Catholic life & addressing Catholic issues, investigating sacred Scripture in the light of Dei Verbum, social issues & theology
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Gesù è con noi
Rev. David Marsden: “I was fired from the [“Catholic”] [Oscott] college for striving to uphold the Church’s teaching on homosexuality” -
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How to Raise a Man

Lecture on raising a man in a society of boys. Modern society has effeminate males even in their 40s & 50s so how do you raise a man to be an actual man of virtue? These media files are Penanceware, … Περισσότερα
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Saint Teresa of Jesus…

…judges Francis’ idea on Grace Graces are in no way secret but evident; they make quite an uproar You will ask me how you can tell if you really …
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Angie W.
Saint Teresa of Jesus judges Bergoglio´s heresies
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Chicago cathedral hosts gay ‘meet-up’ group led by ‘gay’ priest-masseur

Fr. Guimon is listed on the 'Gay Body Workers' website as a professional masseur who does 'Man to Man Body Work.'
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Your rigidity of purpose is the issue concerning us. Poor faithless friend of the Father of Lies - keep the "Spirit" YOU serve (which aims to destroy… Περισσότερα
Isidoro Matamoros
Pope of the Renewal or Anti-Pope of the Demolition? For instance: The man who was declared saint by Bergoglio hanged the words of consecration in … Περισσότερα
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Gloria in excelsis Deo - animáció

Gloria in excelsis Deo - Dicsőség a magasságban Istennek. - Glory to God in the highest. - Arabic translation: المجد لله فى الأعالى
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Dicsőség a magasságban Istennek És hirtelen mennyei seregek sokasága jelent meg az angyallal, akik dicsérték az Istent, és ezt mondták: … Περισσότερα

Tell Bishop McElroy to no longer employ "married" homosexual man

Aaron Bianco unapologetically defies Church teaching
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And Rew
Church need cleaning from within (from inside? sorry English not my language). Too many wolf in sheep clothing made nests within OUR Church
The church needs cleansing .