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Youth Delegate: The Church Should Be "Open to All" - Really?

To really feel like children of God practising homosexuals should stop fornicating and repent of their disgusting behaviour!
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“Changing Positions Is Sign of Maturity” - Will Francis Change?

Another talkfest aimed at continuing to demolish the church.
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paul grech Removes Report: Secret Pell Trial Must be Kept Secret

The court in the State of Victoria, Australia does NOT have any jurisdiction beyond the geographical boundaries of that State. Clearly the court functionary who contacted Gloria TV was abusing her position to hide the parody of justice that is taking place.
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Pope Francis summons bishops conference presidents to discuss abuse |

Why is he waiting 5 months if he really means to do something about this huge urgent problem?
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Francis Hides Behind "Silence, Prayer"

What a hypocrite Bergoglio is! Claims to be silent when in fact he is having a jibe at Vigano'. What arrogance, a heretic comparing himself to our Lord Jesus! In any event silence is golden only when you do not have an answer because what is being alleged is true.
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Facts and omissions of Viganò’s testimony against Francis

What a load of rubbish! Bergoglio himself has NOT denied what Vigano' said in his statement. He kept silent, "not one word" because he can not deny the truth.
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Pope Francis declares death penalty unacceptable: New effort to refocus scandal-plagued church?

Bergoglio should concentrate on cleaning himself, his cronies and the rest of the Bergoglian church from homosexuality, paedophilia and money laundering and should leave the Cathechism alone. He has no authority to change Catholic doctrine.
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Decadent Vatican Wants to "learn" from Decadent Anglicans

Yes of course! Catholics can learn from anglicans how to indulge in and wallow in heresy!
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“God Made You Gay” - Pope Francis

Bergoglio is not just ignorant. He is actually evil.
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“Gaudete et Insultate”: Francis Points Finger - at Himself

For Bergoglio to be a true Christian you have to be a neo marxist post modernist politician who likes sodomites, his own vision of social justice to replace the teachings of Christ, embraces all other religions except the true Catholic and Apostolic one, must be self promoting making sure you are always in the news by creating controversy, confusion and division and most of all emulating … More
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Pope blames Catholic divisions on the devil

Bergoglio always says one thing and believes another!
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Apostate Bp. Mario Grech Praises Gay Unions

Anything to ingratiate the spawn of satan Bergoglio in the hope he will make him a new cardinal to help elect another antichrist in due course.
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New Apostolic Exhortation: Francis Is Patronising the Gospel

Usual Bergoglian heresy to which we are, by now, becoming accustomed. When will this spawn of satan stop damaging the Lord's church?
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The Hellgate (Antonio Socci)

Lord Jesus have pity on us for we are not only sheep without a shepherd but with a pretend shepherd who is a heretic and a spawn of satan.
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Police were poised to arrest Pell after he gave evidence at royal commission

Australian slaw is a travesty of justice. The whole system is riddled with corruption.
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Pope Francis and Reform: Financial Problems Persist

What has happened to the poor church which embraces the Franciscan Lady Poverty?
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The Reason Why the Vatican’s Financies Do Not Work Is Francis

Bergoglio is an expert! an expert in confusion and corruption!
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