Don Reto Nay
Digging up, or manufacturing, allegations against dead priests who have no way to defend themselves seems be yet another way for the bishops to create yet more scandal and further demoralize the dwindling number of faithful. Their goal is to destroy the church.
Alexander VI.
digging bodies, who cares.
Seriously, this is getting way out of hand, while i agree that there is wicked men who entered the priesthood and were protected by s-it heads but innocent priest should NOT have to be falsely accused. Where is the outcry by the media for the falsely accused priests? There is over one thousand falsely accused priests what about them? God help them and all of us!
Lion IRC
Unfalsifiable accusations against deceased persons alleging events that supposedly happened decades ago.
This is the "crisis" ?
Also worth remembering "Accused Of" is not the same as "Convicted Of". President Donald. Trump was accused of colluding with Russia and an independent counsel found no evidence of this.