Which One is the Pope? (To Tune of Istanbul/Not Constantinople)

In this satirical animation from Meddling Catholics (, the Monk Quartet asks the question that's on pretty much everyone's mind: Which one is the Pope? Francis or Benedict? … dapli
Funny. Although it is not his best so far. The interview with Raymond Arroyo was better IMHO. Meddling Catholics is on my blog list. dapli

Bayerns Bischöfe offenbar gegen Kardinal: Steht Marx mit dem Rücken zur Wand?

Im Streit um die Kommunion stellen sich fünf bayerische Bischöfe gegen Kardinal Reinhard Marx. Laut einem Medienbericht könnte es für Marx eng …
Ich verstehe nicht, warum Marx immer einen 3-Tage-Bart trägt. Mangelt es ihm an Rasierklingen und Rasierschaum?
Marx ist Geschichte.

Siria: mons. Abou Khazen (Aleppo), “hanno gettato la maschera” | AgenSIR

“Con questi missili hanno gettato la maschera. Prima era una guerra per procura. Ora a combattere sono gli attori principali. Sono sette anni, è …
(Ecco un riassunto del link/video in inglese che ho postato sotto:) Le 8 ragioni per cui la Siria è tanto odiata (dai nemici di Dio, tanto per farlo … dapli
Maurizio Muscas
@Diodoro Beh, ma un Vescovo solo in curialese parla...

Macaroni le ridicule avec son ami

Le caniche français des Américains en compagnie avec le dictateur saoudien Mohammed ben Salmane qui tue les enfants en Yémen.
Bonjour Monsieur l'abbé, je lis des commentaires de personnes dont les articles ne sont pas publiés ou bien avec bcp de retard. Est-ce dû à un souci … dapli
Les marionnettes du Grand Israël......

Father Tom Will Return To Chicago, Resigns From Papal Council

Beloved former St. Rita president Father Tom McCarthy has resigned from the Pontifical Council in Rome and will return to Chicago.

No, Emanuele. If Your Father Died In His Atheism He Is Most Surely In Hell

We are truly living in the age of the delicate violet. It is as if any notion of manliness had gone away together with the last vestiges of Christian…
Don Reto Nay
@Holy Cannoli : Your question: "What if by some chance you were not born where you actually were born but rather you were born in some small country… dapli
@bombadil Da der Sohn zum heiligen Vater ging um sein Gewissen zu erleichtern, zeigte doch dass dieses Kind eine katholische Erziehung genossen … dapli

Fara cuvinte: Papa Francis a decis sa anulează Biblia și propune să creeze o nouă carte

Papa Francisc a surprins lumea astăzi anunțând că Biblia este total depășită și are nevoie de o schimbare radicală, astfel încât Biblia este anulată …

Syrian president's wife slams Western media coverage of war - Daily Mail

This is the Syrian first lady speaking:
God bless the Syrian President Assad and his family, and also their allies for supporting Syria´s independence.
Sunamis 46
Joseph a' Christian You forgot superman, star trek, disney, lady gaga and all the other garbage like now a day power puff girl's and k pop And so on dapli

Une base française gravement attaquée au Mali le jour du bombardement de la Syrie par la France: …

Cet article vous a plu ? MPI est une association à but non lucratif qui offre un service de réinformation gratuit et qui ne subsiste que par la …
Harmonia celestiala
On ne sait pas exactement l'origine de ces décisions ?
The Western war criminals claim their cowardly missile attacks struck at the heart of Syria's "chemical weapons program" but if this would have been the case then toxic gas would have been released … dapli

PressTV-Video: Center hit in US attack produced cancer drugs

A coordinated missile attack by the US, the UK and France on Syria has destroyed a scientific research institution that specialized in producing …
Dr Bobus
It's an old trick to put military and civilian targets in the same building. In Bosnia the enemy set up mortars in an orphanage. Attack the mortars, … dapli
Sunamis 46
There is a interesting movie out: American made- Its about the 78 years how a pilot had to smuggle weapons and drugs To nicaragua and from columbi… dapli
What the Catholics and Orthodox in Syria think about the three war criminals Trump, Macron and May: We call upon all churches in the countries that participated in the aggression, to fulfill their … dapli

A Statement Issued by the Patriarchates of Antioch and all the East for the Greek Orthodox, Syrian …

A Statement Issued by the Patriarchates of Antioch and all the East for the Greek Orthodox, Syrian Orthodox, and Greek-Melkite Catholic Damascus, …
Holy Cannoli
Typical brain dead Catholic. Conclusions with no facts. Syria air strikes: US and allies attack chemical weapons sites - BBC News… dapli
Trump is a war puppet. They say war, he says, "How many"?

The Trump Regime Is Insane - By Paul Craig Roberts

Is it insane to push for war with Russia, a major nuclear power? Is it insane to threaten Russia and bring false charges against her? Is it insane to brag about killing “hundreds of Russians”? A norm…
Sunamis 46
I put a video in here: daniel estulin is trump for real Bilderberg- the movie dapli
Sunamis 46
I really recomment to watch daniel estulin the bilderbergers After you have seen it You know where the train is going to Down the drain Please excus… dapli

Syria: Did Russia Predict the Syrian Chemical Attack Controversy One Month Before?

Russian Armed Forces Chief of General Staff Valery Gerasimov has warned that Russia would respond to any US military strike flowing from a false flag chemical weapons attack blamed on the Syrian … dapli
Very interesting: British troupes fighting side by side with the Jihadists.

Syrian Army Captures British Militants in Eastern Ghouta – Reports

A number of British forces have been captured by the Syrian army during military operations in Eastern Ghouta, according to reports by local media.
Joseph a' Christian
The massive inkrease of evil in so many governments and jew controlled media has wrecked many nations: canada, disunited states, england, france, … dapli
Catholic declaration against the U.S. aggression in Syria.

Sign the Petition

Declaration Against the Expansion of the Syrian War
Don Reto Nay
@Dr Bobus: Fortunately the evil KGB is gone. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the evil CIA.
Dr Bobus
So the choice seems to be between the CIA and the KGB

Le monde catholique n'est pas dupe du discours de Macron - Riposte-catholique

Samuel Pruvot, journaliste à Famille chrétienne, a recueilli quelques réactions suite au discours du président aux Bernardins. Un évêque anonyme…
Si vous avez suivi, aujourd'hui 12/04/2018, le début de ses paroles sur la Syrie à la fin vous pourrez voir qu'il se touche oreille ,dans le parlez … dapli
Le malin cherche à entré dans l'Eglise Catholique par celle qui est déjà délabrer ,il sais ce qu'il fait ;il n'a pas été le dire à la fsspx et pour … dapli
By Bishop emeritus Rene Henry Gracida of Corpus Christi: dapli

Here is your little dose of satire to help you survive the latest Bergolian assault on your sanity …

Eccles and Bosco is saved Gaudete et Exsultate – Goad and Insult Posted: 10 Apr 2018 09:24 AM PDT This is the latest instalment in our “How to be a …
There is no longer any doubt that the criminally insane government in Washington is driving the world to the last war.

Criminally Insane DC - LewRockwell

UPDATE There is no longer any doubt that the criminally insane government in Washington is driving the world to the last war. See here and here. …
Jim Dorchak
I no longer care anything about Washington DC. It is right up there with the Kardashians and their dis function. Stupid waste of time and nothing I … dapli
Stonka Ziemniaczana
There is a possibility to use the "Smolensk case" to fire up the war. "Smolensk case" - 10.04.2010 dead-crash of the polish president plane in Smolen… dapli
Perquisizione/persecuzione di Radio Spada

Avete visto un singolo articolo sulla perquisizione e indagine a carico di RS in qualche giornale …

Una domanda semplice che poniamo ai nostri lettori: dopo che i Carabinieri hanno perquisito la sede legale delle Edizioni Radio Spada, stilando …
Ho letto l'articolo (questo articolo) ma non è chiaro questo estratto: <<[... un fatto di cronaca che ebbe grande risalto all’epoca: la presunta opac… dapli
Maurizio Muscas
Ed il mandante è il Vaticano... Il nemico del Cattolicesimo!
Thank you Mr Bolton. Now go swim with the walruses.
Houston, we have a problem. The Russians are, "All in". Your move, Mr. Trump.