Vatican And Society of Saint Pius X Start From Scratch

The discussions between the [run-down] Vatican and the [flourishing] Society of Saint Pius X have to start from scratch according to Pope Francis’ de facto press-speaker Andrea Tornielli (, November 24).

Tornielli published his article after the new superior general of the Society, Father Davide Pagliarani, was received last week by the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, Cardinal Luis Ladaria. After the meeting, unsurprisingly, the [Catholic] Society noticed a “fierce doctrinal divergence” with the [modernist] Vatican.

Tornielli knows that Father Pagliarani told Ladaria that the texts of Second Vatican [Pastoral] Council contains “errors” which need to be corrected. [However, since then many more and much more grievous errors have been added.]

Under the former superior general, Bishop Bernard Fellay, the Society almost reached a deal with the Vatican. But the last general chapter elected Father Pagliarani who insists on a deal that is not based only on formulations that can be interpreted at will.

Picture: Bernard Fellay, Davide Pagliaran ©, #newsHwdpnbytcm
Francis received “Abp.” Pozzo in audience today, head of the Ecclesia Dei Commission. They presumably spoke about the visit of Fr. Davide Pagliarani.
SSPX Statement, November 23: During the meeting “it was recalled that the fundamental problem is actually doctrinal … Because of this irreducible doctrinal divergence, for the past seven years no attempt to compose a draft of a doctrinal statement acceptable to both parties has succeeded. This is why the doctrinal question remains absolutely essential.”
Great! Let's start! Two chairs, Two coffees, a scanned copy of St Pius V's irreversible Bull "Quo Primum" a prayer from the two for the Holy Spirit to enlighten them both.....SHOULD bring Rome back home.
Useless being "Pope" if you don't serve Christ or obey the Legal commands of a former Pope.
SSPX: “everything impels the Society to resume theological discussions with the awareness that the Lord does not necessarily ask the Society to convince its interlocutors, but rather to bear unconditional witness to the faith in the sight of the Church.”é-meeting-between-cardinal-ladaria-and-fr-pagliarani-42426 …