Cardinal McCarrick’s Defrocking “Drawing Nearer”

The semi-official outlet (November 24) called the testimony of James Grein, 61, an alleged abuse victim of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, 88, a “blow” against the former Washington archbishop.

Grein claims he was abused from 1969 to until 1987. If this is true, the abuses started when Grein was 11 but Grein later maintained a homosexual relationship with McCarrick until he was 29 years old. In 1987 McCarrick was Newark Archbishop.

Grein’s lawyer Pat Noaker assists also a second alleged McCarrick victim whose name was never publicly disclosed and who was 16 at the moment of the abuses. According to IlSismografo this case resulted in the removal of McCarrick's cardinalate.

Since Grein's alleged abuses started when he was only 11, IlSismografo expects Pope Francis to act “more severely” when he receives the Grein documentation.

“Severity” is in strong contradiction with Francis’ mercy ideology he uses to promote politically correct sins. This ideology was also applied to condone [homo]sexual abuses in a time when the same media which now are horror-stricken, were justifying abuses as the latest achievement of the sexual revolution.

Picture: Theodore McCarrick, © World Economic Forum, CC BY-SA, #newsIhagmniumj

Mr. St. Cuthbert Mayne if you were sexually abuse you would not be so cavalier/incredulous and cynical. No One Who Has Not Been Sexually Abused As A Child Should Keep Their Opinions Down To A Dull Roar!
Sadly, the whole Francis-Vigano-McCarrick affair has done incalculable harm to the Catholic Church. If only O'Malley had acted on the Fr. Boniface Ramsey Letter alerting him to the evil antics of McCarrick, we would not be enduring this crisis. It is the same inaction and denial that now envelopes Pope Francis, his supporters and the Roman Curia, at this very moment.
Now that they have allowed him to run wild for 50 or so years, they will gently close the door to the barn.