Needs Your Help - An Urgent Appeal
Harvey Millican
Isn’t the phrase “gremlin dyke mayor from hell” enough to get your attention? If not, how about the question of what we do when it’s all gone? Lord, have mercy!

Get Out!

Earlier today, Ann Barnhardt posted her usual hot take/words of wisdom and as usual, yours truly couldn’t agree more. Go check it out. The interpretive statement, though, is that since the …
@Into The Desert
I agree. She could have used the word "bugger" - the Catholic word derived from "bulgar" - i.e. a follower of the Bogomil heresy.
3rd Order Postulant
Gee Harvey and Barnhardt,
whatever happened to masses in the home, hotel masses underground masses?
Why aren't you thinking? So where is your history?
People who still attend TLM today lived it. Been there, done that.
Perhaps best to prepare peeps for this kind of worship.
Harvey Millican
I do not disagree at all. By the way, I have the highest regard for all those who did preserve the Mass over the years in this way.
Jeffrey Ade
I immediately thought "Chicago!"
you do k now that the Feds were after her because she will file her 104 but refuses to pay tax owed as long as a single $$$ of her taxes goes to support the abortion industry. ........... have you or I had that courage????
Jeffrey Ade
@laurelmarycecilia I'm not part of that conversation. It is just that Illinois is so degraded!