Needs Your Help - An Urgent Appeal
Harvey Millican
Now we know what the “I” was for… And what lies ahead for all of us.

UPDATE: Today the Institute, Tomorrow the World

Soon after I hit publish on my post of last evening (“Fr. Z. Action Item…“), requesting my readers to join in with Fr.’s “Intention I”, news broke out …
Harvey Millican
Remember… Cupich is the same man who oversaw the Gremlin sodomite mayor of Chicago take Our Lord into her hands like a piece of candy and consume Him. But trad priests rigid! Must go!
Cath intruth
The ED groups should have stuck with SSPX and resisted the modernists.
Just me
We should have expected this. No one should be surprised at all. I understand it is still a shock to most. But we were warned many times of this happening. I guess some just didn't believe it would happen in their life time.
Bonnie Louise
Don't forget, both Cupich and Gregory were originally 2 of Bernardin's boys.
Hugh N. Cry
Cupich has been pro-sodomite for a long time. Rector at Pont. Coll. Josephinum and the dioceses since. More sodomite shenanigans of persecution.