We Are Not Scared to Face the Dictatorship of Thought Police - by Lorenzo Fontana

Letter from Lorenzo Fontana, Italian Minister of Family Affairs, to the Director of the Roman newspaper Il Tempo.

Dear Director,

I would like to thank, Il Tempo, its staff and all those who have given me their support during these days when there is a strong attempt to attack not only me but even the values that reflect the silent and peaceful majority of the country.

What we saw is bitterly reminiscent of Gilbert Keith Chesterton's predictions: "Swords will be drawn to prove that the leaves are green in the summer", a prophecy that no longer seems so remote.

And that's what happened. We said things that we thought were normal, almost a foregone conclusion: that in order for a country to develop, it needs to have children, whereby a mother is called a mother (and not parent 1), a father is called a father (and not parent 2).

We have said that the only people who must have a word on education, growth and care of children are their mothers and fathers. This is a sacrosanct principle of freedom.

The reaction - from certain circles who are flag bearers of relativism - has been very violent. A fierce flurry of insults, offenses, even personal ones, threats (which will be brought to the attention of the competent authorities) have been launched.

The social media amplified the reach of this action which was controlled by certain elements in the background. We live in strange times. The fury of certain relativistic ideology goes beyond the confines of reality, even as far as to question some matters of course, which are fully reflected in our Constitution:

"The Republic recognizes the rights of the family as a natural society based on marriage", says article 29, which will be the principle action by the minister.

That said, the revolt of the elites does not scare us and we are not scared of taking on the dictatorship of thought police. We are moving forward, with great motivation, we have many projects to implement. We are doing it with many- like you - who have shown us their solidarity.

You are so many and everyone deserves a sincere thank you. History comforts us. "They will call you papists, retrograde, intransigent, clerical: be proud!", words of Saint Pius X.

We are proud not to be afraid to call ourselves Christians, to call ourselves mothers, fathers, to stand for life. We have shoulders broad enough to resist baseless attacks by responding with the evidence of the facts, the strength of ideas and the concreteness of actions.

I would like to pay tribute to a free newspaper that has the courage to speak out against the tide. Never before has fighting for normality become more heroic than it is now.

With esteem

Lorenzo Fontana, Minister of Family Affairs.
Voilà quelqu'un de courageux ! Je suis sûr qu’Antéchrist-François n'est pas d'accord avec lui !
Very optimistic news for Italian and European Catholics. Time will show what will emerge from written words...
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"They will call you papists, retrograde, intransigent, clerical: be proud!", words of Saint Pius X.