Dutch Bishop: Synod Promotes "Superstition," "Hidden Agendas"

The Amazon Synod's working document creates a “new religion”, “embraces pantheism” and recognises “pagan superstition” as source of revelation, writes ’s Hertogenbosch Auxiliary Bishop Robertus Mutsaerts, 61, Netherlands, on (October 17).

Mutsaerts is appreciated for his clarity and orthodoxy. According to him, the Amazon Synod promotes “eco-socialism, climate change, ecumenism, married priests and the ordination of women.”

He notices that “embracing trees” is considered a high form of spirituality, and that Francis’ Synod delegates are “all of the same signature.”

Francis claims to be willing to dialogue with everyone “except your name is Burke or Müller”, Mutsaerts observes, “Burke and Brandmüller are still waiting for answers to some simple questions."

The bishop writes that the same media, who were highly critical of John Paul II and Benedict XVI don't tolerate criticism of Francis.

He knows that Francis’ Church is fostering a “false mercy” and tries to eliminate the concepts of holiness and sin.

Mutsaerts' demand: “Be honest and stop hidden agendas.”


John the Baptist shares this
It is so clearly Agenda 21/2030, and its race to Globalization/Communitarianism/Communism/ The Final Battle. I'm afraid they're on the wrong side! and…
It looks like the Pope has sold out to the Globalists; at whatever price he is prepared to sell us out too.