No Answer

Jesuit Father Henri Boulad, 86, who spent his whole life in Egypt, an expert on Islam, wrote to Pope Francis explaining to him worrisome aspects in modern radical Islam. He sent the letter to Francis through Cardinal Schönborn, but Francis never replied. Therefore, Boulad had the letter translated into Spanish and handed to Francis through a bishop during Francis' visit in Egypt. Again, no answer. Boulad commented in July to CulturaCattolica,it, "Everywhere I find people, who confirm that Francis answers even Christmas cards or responds them through his secretaries. Yet in my case, his confrere and also older..." He adds, "I am frankly surprised and also a bit disappointed."

Picture: Henri Boulad, © Thaler Tamas , CC BY-SA, #newsUctfiapcpi
Sad. - but l am not surprised......