Famous Dutch Auxiliar Bishop, Critical of Francis, Quits Functions

Bishop Gerard De Korte of ’S Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, and his auxiliary Rob Mutsaerts agreed on an "amicable divorce" in a statement, signed by both and published on BisdomDenBosch.nl (below).

Mutsaerts was a critic of the Amazon Synod, while De Korte is a Francis fan.

The statement puts this so, “It is well known that we differ in our view about developments in the Church, and that we put different emphases, when it comes to the administration of the diocese.”

Therefore, Mutsaerts expressed the wish to resign from his diocesan functions and focus on his parish in Nijmegen. However, he will become an Episcopal Vicar for matters of management and "new movements," and continue as the president of the Economic Affairs Council of the diocese.

It can be assumed that Mutsaerts was no longer ableto endorse the diocesan policies, and therefore backed out.