Youth Synod Document: Liturgy Is Lumped Together with Sport

The Youth Synod was not about producing a document but rather “about creating smokescreens and providing cover for the placement of poison pills and landmines” – Father John Zuhlsdorf suspects on his blog (October 28).

The proof: Most of the Synod’s participants who voted for the document, where not even able to read it because it was available only in Italian. Zuhlsdorf concludes, “Abandon Latin, and this, folks is what we get: Babel.”

He calls the Synod a sort of Pentecost in reverse “where everyone who ought to understand each other, are suddenly made unable to.”

Zuhlsdorf assessment of the document is devastating, “To give you an idea of how shallow, how bereft of value this document is, liturgy was lumped together with sport.”

Picture: © Mazur/catholicnews.org.uk CC BY-NC-SA, #newsCyvoskaeoe
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