What if bird flu vaccines are just leftover COVID shots?
Jeffrey Ade
Who would know? And who really cares? Let those poor old folks in their old folks home die off! And reduce the surplus population! God forbid it! Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!
English Catholic
The people in care homes aren't dying from the covid jab - or covid - they're being murdered with benzodiazepines like midazolam: Murdered by Midazolam injections: Study finds thousands of elderly English were euthanized to add to COVID-19 death statistics
Billy F
Not getting any of their devilish vaccines!!! Didn’t get their Plandemic one and won’t get a Birdie Flu shot.
English Catholic
@Maria Lylyander It's just vaxx-mania. Just after covid they were telling everyone via TV in the UK to get vaccinated against shingles (a thing I'd never seen before covid). Probably the covid jab brings on shingles.
Maria Lylyander
@English Catholic They were saying that here as well! I have indeed read that shingles can be a side effect from the jab.
Maria Lylyander
In Germany, they are telling us cases of whooping cough are rising and we should get vaxxd against that 🤪
John A Cassani
The present whooping cough “vaccine” is another one that prevents “serious illness,” but not transmission. The old whooping cough vaccine did prevent transmission, but was unsafe, and was, in fact, the occasion for Pharma seeking and being granted immunity from lawsuits in the US for any vaccine on the childhood schedule.