Wedding in the Novus Ordo in Germany: A Dog Brings The Rings

Father Stefan Hörstrup, pastor of St Lamberti's in Ochtrup (6400 "Catholics"), Diocese of Münster, Germany, has only about 20 marriages a year in his parish, he told the newspaper 'Westfälische Nachrichten' (5 April).

It seems that the few couples who want a church wedding are not religious: "If someone doesn't know how a church service works, that's no problem," Rev. Hörstrup explained. He is prepared to give "stage directions".

At these marriages, there is a tendency to forgoe the Novus Ordo Eucharist and settle for a few readings and prayers ("liturgy of the word").

The Novus Ordo "liturgy" of these weddings is mainly decided by the couple. Rev. Hörstrup has seen balloons floating above the Novus Ordo table, and a dog bringing the rings.

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The NO is always seeking to outdo itself. How sad.
There used to be a novus ordo priest locally, here in England, who had his labrador padding around in the sanctuary during mass. He also would turn up in a t-shirt to set up the altar immediately before mass. They haven't a clue.