Francis Claims: Religious Differences “Are Necessary”

“Our differences are necessary,” a confused Pope Francis claimed with greatest emphasis during a September 5 inter-religious meeting with young …
Gesù è con noi
The heresy of religious indifferentism is the reason why the Church condemned Freemasonry and this heresy is considered the greatest blasphemy.
Gesù è con noi
Bergoglio keeps repeating his same heresies over and over again, now who is the obsessive?
One more comment from Gesù è con noi
Ugh this Pope......I am sad to say, I cringe during Mass when we are asked to pray for his intentions
Benedict Joseph
Pathetic and moronic. Just observe the delivery. He is absurd.
In other words, it is necessary that some deny Christ.
If you ever wonder how the False Prophet will create a single world-religion for the Antichrist, this is the start of it.
Pray for the world
And a nice fantasy cross that takes away every suffering and sin. uhm has the guy wandering on that cross a skull head? Is that a combination between a Holy Spirit Pigeon and a hammer and sickle. Must be my imagination.
That is severely creepy and one profoundly messed up representation of Our Lord.
What do the little pins say on the cassocks and lapels? hard to see..NWO?