British Embassy Helped Electing Francis

According to The Telegraph the late Westminster Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, who died last week, intervened in the last Conclave to ensure the election of Francis by co-hosting a reception at the British embassy in Rome. Murphy-O’Connor invited cardinals from English-speaking countries but deliberately left off the invitation list two Cardinals - Quellet and Pell - who belonged to the Catholic wing. The plan was to persuade those invited of the need for a liberal pope. Embassy officials even left the room to allow Murphy-O’Connor time to campaign for Bergoglio. Shortly after his elevation, Francis was overheard telling Murphy-O’Connor: “Tu sei colpevole”, translated as “you’re to blame”.

Picture: Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, © Dave Sandford, CC BY-NC, #newsTuymwsxtka
Catholic Culture: "If the report of the reception is accurate, it would seem to be a clear violation of the rule against lobbying before a conclave."
charles babbage
To be more specific it would invalidate the election.
Novus Ordo Catholics will tell you that the Holy Ghost elected Pope Francis. Looks like they are wrong again! More like the devil!
It sounds like Bergoglio is not pope.