Pope Grants Long Audience To Detractor Of Dubia Cardinals

On August 4, the rather unknown British book author Stephen Walford posted on social media pictures of a 45 minutes private audience which Pope Francis granted him and his family. It is generally very difficult, even for cardinals, to be received by Francis.

Walford published on June 27 an open letter in La Stampa against the Dubia Cardinals whom he accuses of “satanic abuse” of Francis and of creating “an intolerable situation”. According to him Amoris Laetitia caused no confusion and the Dubia Cardinals showed an "outright rejection and defiance towards the legitimate Pope and his magisterial teachings.”

He claims that in the "real world" the "old ways of converting no longer work”. Walford called Francis “a Pope of true Christian realism”.

This kind of "realism" has however already been applied by the Protestants - with a disastrous outcome.

Maudie N Mandeville
Since there was no follow through, they are 'Dubious Cardinals'. They're like the paper boy on his bicycle who throws the paper and rides away.