Australian Jesuit in favour of Gay Pseudo-Marriage

Gay marriage should be legalised for the sake of the "common good" according to the Australian Jesuit, Father Frank Brennan. He uses talking to Sky News the argument that civil marriage cannot be seen as an instrument of the Church, although nobody has claimed this.

Father Brennan sets aside the concerns of the Australian bishops regarding religious freedom and believes that such concerns should be dealt with only after a successful ‘yes’ vote in the postal survey about gay-pseudo marriage in November and not "during the hubbub of a publicity campaign", although then it is too late.

Picture: Frank Brennan, Sky News, #newsIyogdkdjpv
Valiant Woman
Fr. Brennan is a cretin, and a heretic/apostate
The American canonist Ed Peters demolishes this man's position here: canonlawblog.wordpress.com/