Francis’ [Pro-Gay] Partisans Blast Pro-Crucifix Bill in Italy

The brave Italian Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini has introduced a bill in parliament requiring to display crucifixes in public buildings like schools, ports and public offices.

But the Francis Church is up in arms against the proposal.

The pro-Francis weekly Famiglia Cristiana, once the flagship of the Catholic media in Italy, went as far as comparing Salvini to Satan writing on its cover "Vade retro Salvini" - “Go Back Salvini” – a modification of the expression “Vade retro, Satana” - Go Back Satan.

Jesuit Father Antonio Spadaro, the editor of the Vatican magazine Civiltà Cattolica, a staunch Francis partisan, wrote on Twitter: “Hands off!”

Spadaro illustrated his tweed with a picture of Christ crucified fully naked.

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Joseph a' Christian
@Gesù è con noi - True. We, the faithful remnant must be one in the power of Almighty God. We must expose these vile beasts-false priests, to our brothers and sisters who are not being informed by their complicent parish priests.
Jesus, Ye are Holy, Ye are the Giver of Life, we love Thee! Unite us with/within the power of Thy Holy Word. Amen
How dare he upload a picture of our most Holy Lord naked, He makes me sick, he shows nothing but disrespect, only a vile wicked creature would post something like this , he is the spawn of satan. Wonder if he would post a picture of his mother or father naked. May this jerk repent before he drops dead!
The shameless filthiness of those Bergoglian sodomites astonishes.
Gesù è con noi
😡 Francis’ [Pro-Gay] Partisans urgently need an exorcism. These Sodomites do not profess the Catholic faith. They have become declared enemies of Christ. Dear Catholics brothers and sisters Let's not economically support these apostate abusers anymore.