Something strange about this. You KNOW it was a photo op, and not an accidental picture. Why would he do that? Does the photographer have ANOTHER photo that the Pope doesn't want "shared", and this is just a "gift", presumably with more coincidental photos of him "out and about" on the sly?
Outside of the occasional tourist taking photos, an unannounced appearance by the pope would go unnoticed.
Jeffrey Ade
@Chat Chartreux Very interesting observation! It is working I would say!
Chat Chartreux
Everything is staged. His goal is for people to stop having any reverence for the papacy.
Why? He canonized three popes from the last century and now is trying to beatify another one.
Chat Chartreux
Double think, I suppose. The modernist way.
@V.R.S. Your example proves @Chat Chartreux 's point. Sainthood is becoming a non-stop event, eliminating its importance.
Kenjiro M. Yoshimori
When someone lke Oscar Romero of El Salvador (a Marxist liberation-theology cheer leader) is canonized a saint by the likes of Pope Francis, you know something is rotten in the Vatican and the whole Catholic Church.
Wow, what a coincidence....
Sedevakantistický kanál
See this new must see video by Bro. Peter Dimond: Vatican II Is A New Religion (Visual Proof)