Priest Executed By the Media: All Accusations Were False

Monsignor Azzolino Chiappini, 80, a professor of theology and former vicar general of Lugano Diocese, Switzerland, has been cleared of all suspicions.

Chiappini was arrested in November and accused of having “kidnapped,” “coerced” and “assaulted” a Finish woman, 48, whom he allegedly held “imprisoned” in his apartment for twelve years.

In reality, the alleged victim is mentally ill. The priest did not lock the woman up but she refused all contact with the outside world, “She herself did not want to leave the flat for years and did not let anyone into the flat," an informant told

Already when the case became known, called the suspicions against Chiappini “unlikely”.


The MSM does what the MSM does, the work of the devil!
...and, as usual in such case involving Catholic clergy, the media will never exonerate him with the same gusto they'd placed on reporting the allegationsm..