Bishop Schneider Warns Of Modern Religion of Fear, Intimidation, and Panic

Only the Catholic faith which was revealed by God, is the true religion, Bishop Athanasius Schneider told (June 29).

About Islam he said that it is a politically strong religion with intrinsic dangers of physical violence, intolerance and discrimination against non-Muslims who are considered second class citizens. He warns of an islamisation of France and Europe “by the promotion of immigrants through politics.”

Schneider also denounces a “new religion of the body" and of "bodily health” which is based on fear, intimidation, and panic.

“A large part of the population has allowed itself to be intimidated because it had already lived in the midst of a vision of the body only, not a vision of spirituality, an eternal life and the immortality of the soul,” he explained.


OUR BODY is a vessel of corruption; it is meant for death and for the worms, nothing more! And yet we devote ourselves to satisfying it, rather than to enriching our soul
How I love to hear the truth
"Only the Catholic faith which was revealed by God, is the true religion." How fortunate we all are to have the obvious so brilliantly stated. ;-)
Jeffrey Ade
Place a Crucifix above my grave please!
"The true men of God are not afraid of death, because they are waiting for heaven." Cardinal Robert Sarah