Francis Removes Bishop - For Political Reasons?

Francis accepted on July 6 the resignation of Esteli Bishop Juan Abelardo Mata, Nicaragua, who is also the Secretary General of the Episcopal Conference - less than two weeks after his 75 birthday. He is in good health. writes that Mata was one of the most critical voices against democratically elected President Daniel Ortega, a strong opponent of abortion, who is strongly opposed by the U.S. abortion and homosex regime which has launched an economic war and a propaganda campaign against Nicaragua.

Mata didn’t even become Apostolic Administrator, a function which was given to Matagalpa Bishop Rolando Alvarez, who is also an Ortega critic but may have gotten Francis' message.

In April 2020, Francis removed Managua Auxiliary Bishop Silvio Báez from his position - also for political reasons.


That's why his recent bowel surgery took so long, @alexamarie ;-)
They need to check the Pope for Dementia?? Surely, he does not do this on purpose?!!