An Unsung Hero: Father Pierre Epiney RIP

Father Pierre Epiney of Riddes, Switzerland, a friend of Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, passed away January 15 around 7:00 am.

It was in Ecône – a hamlet belonging to Riddes – where Archbishop Lefebvre founded his seminary. Epiney was instrumental to make this happen. Sion Bishop Nestor Adam (+1990) approved.

Adam had ordained Epiney a priest in 1961. A free and youthful spirit, Epiney quickly realised that things went wrong after Vatican II. When in 1967 he was appointed the parish-priest of Riddes, a town not known for its faith, he refused to introduce the Novus Ordo. Therefore Bishop Adam (+1990) started persecuting him.

The young priest was forced to build his own church in Riddes to which he attached an old people’s home. His break with the Society of Saint Pius X came when he opposed their attempts to rally with Rome.

Epiney has been ill for a long time. Covid accelerated his end. He was on oxygen and a drip for several days and died in his presbytery.

For Epiney’s 25 anniversary of priesthood Archbishop Lefebvre said in a homily, “Thanks to you, dear Father, the [Canton of] Valais is still Catholic.” Requiescat in pace.

Jan Joseph
Deze pater kan Heilig worden verklaard.
May it please you, O Lord, to reward with eternal life those who do good to us for your Name’s sake. Amen
Niech odpoczywa w pokoju wiecznym. Amen.