Vatican: Another Jesuit Loses His Mind

The coronavirus “pandemic” was not sent by God, however “Jesus agrees with this natural explosion," and "The world cannot go on as before."

Spanish-born Father José Luis Caravias S.J. who lives in Paraguay, wrote this on (May 26).

Caravias is also into homosex-ideology. For him it’s "absurd to ask for miracles" because "natural phenomena act independently of our desires.”

Those who spoke of the coronavirus as a divine punishment "have never met Jesus and are still in the Old Testament” - although he believes that Christ "agrees" with the pandemic.

Caravias presents a further explanation, "There have been important human responsibilities in this epidemic. The goodness of nature has been severely abused."

So much craziness was even too much for the Vatican. The article is not accessible anymore.

Caravias published a similar VaticanNews article on the coronavirus on May 13 where he claims that God is “not all-powerful” outside the “realm of love.”


Dr Bobus
Another example of why the Jesuits are The Incredible Shrinking Religious Order.
Novella Nurney
A record 0 days with out a Jesuit acting a fool. Congratulations Comrade.