Pro-Gay U.S. Embassy Congratulates "Independent Orthodox Church"

The U.S. Embassy in Kiev congratulated on Twitter (December 15) a recently established Independent Ukrainian Orthodox Church and its leader Epifaniy Dumenko.

The embassy has been an official supporter of the Kyiv Pride 2018, a propaganda event imposed on the population in order to indoctrinate them with gay ideology.

On June 2018 the embassy published a statement of Trump’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo propagating what Pompeo called "Pride Month".

The new church was created on Sunday with support of the Patriarch of Constantinople who, through this move, caused a deep split among the Orthodox.

The new church is identical with the longtime Filaret group, founded by Filaret Denysenko who was defrocked in 1992 by the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, a measure then recognised by Constantinople.

None of the bishops of the official Ukrainian Orthodox Church joined the Filaret group which is promoted by the Ukrainian president and oligarch Petro Poroshenko.

Picture: Filaret Denysenko, #newsIygyuisdwy
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