Funeral: Nobody Was Waiting for Cardinal Danneels

On Friday, the funeral for the late Bruxelles Cardinal Godfried Danneels took place in Malines, Belgium. The square in front of the dome was cordoned off in order to allow access into the church. But this was not necessary as almost no onlookers were present (see picture).

Like all modernists, Danneels was popular with the rich and their journalists, not with the simple Catholics.

The funeral was presided by modernist Cardinal Jozef de Kesel in the presence of King Philippe and other members of the royal family.

Danneels was Bruxelles archbishop from 1979 to 2010. During his time, the number of Bruxelles Catholics shrank by 20% and the number of priests by almost 45%.

Nevertheless, Kesel claimed in his homily that Danneels was "a good shepherd during all these many years" and that he "really wanted innovation and reform."

Picture:, #newsNaurtkthsi
Plenty of "good" pastors in hell. God is looking for HOLY pastors.
Dr Bobus
One of Daneels' constant companions was present.
Lord have mercy on his soul
HELL is full of infinite innovation
He can go at it
I feel compassion for Blessed Mother which is
The Holy Mother Church what she had to endure from this monster