Toronto Archdiocese closes down all Masses

To the faithful of the Archdiocese of Toronto, In light of the present situation unfolding before us regarding the coronavirus (COVID-19) worldwide, …
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old school
Archdiocese hierarchy don't believe in God. 'Who wants to save his life will lose it and who loses his life for the sake of God will find it'
As I've said, the less Novus Ordo masses, the better.
Yes, the less consecrations, transubstatiation, the less the Sacrifice of the Cross is performed, the better. That's the recipe for redemption
What you are doing helps the BODY. It does nothing for the SOUL.
One good thing has come from this manufactured hysteria. The false Catholics are finally showing their true colours. While I'm certain they won't, true Catholics should suspend all charitable tithing/ donations/ "giving" and make it clear they won't be resuming it under such administration is replaced. Make an example of these charlatans and their successors, charlatans or not, will think twice.
"our primary concern is the spiritual and physical health" ?
Eugene M
It is about time that church services will be declared "essential service". And our Hierarchy has
major role here, to ask for it of our governments .