Bishop Threatens Unvaccinated Priests, Provokes Catholic Rally

Paterson Bishop Kevin Sweeney, New Jersey, told his priests on September 14 that he “strongly encourages” (= orders) them to receive a Covid "vaccination."

Non-medical exemptions would be minimal, Sweeney threatened, warning that he would remove non-vaccinated priests from active ministry.

As a consequence, on September 24, his faithful organised a rosary rally in Clifton with the intention to keep faithful priests in their ministry. According to a flyer, the event was also intended to ask the bishop, a pro-lifer, “to have his actions line up with his words,”

“Bishop Sweeney claims that getting an abortion tainted vaccine is an act of charity – but to whom? Clearly not to the unborn children,” the flyer says.

Picture: Kevin Sweeney, #newsCashpnsqrj

Time for the laity to start assembling outside Chanceries demanding our Catholic Faith!
Hound of Heaven
Time for the much lofted (by these despots) laity to have a Synod on the redundance and superfluity (in keeping with the jargon we have been force-fed by the Church of Frank) of the ecclesiastical hierarchy.
I'm so old, I remember when bishops and priests at least appeared (for all intents and purposes) to be Catholic............ sigh