"Upon entering puberty, the men of the tribe usually have several women, including teenagers"³* and children.
This is demonstrated by the Documentary of an anthropologist who lived with Indians, he even got married to a 10-year-old Yanomami girl, when he was 36. The anthropologist Kenneth Good says that he accepted to marry the girl, because the Yanomami said to him that that was their custom. He got married to an indigenous girl, and he took her to live in the United States.
The scientists exploited the situation to give free rein to their paedophile inclinations, with the Yanomami kids (The linguist,
Jacques Lizot, who is also accused of this, is a beloved student of the anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss)."
"The French anthropologist, Jacques Lizot, is accused of paedophilia and introducing child homosexual prostitution among the Yanomami. Lizot did not accept to be interviewed in the film. Seemingly, this accusation does bear some truth, since several interviewed Yanomamis confirmed this."

"But the clinic style, apparently objective, of the documentary Secrets of the Tribe looks to achieve the contrary effect (or, maybe, the desired one): remarking the craziness that seems to be passed out to all the involved. One sees Catholic woman missionaries who look like justifying Lizot’s practices." (Article: Secrets of the Tribe: Revelando los secretos de la tribu 19/05/2010)

(Documentary where the union of the anthropologist with the girl is shown: El regreso de Yarima Expedición RCTV International. Another documentary, in which some facts are recounted, is Secrets of the Tribe).

...westernising indigenous people is interpreted as a grave handling against our national character. The Venezuelans prefer to maintain Indians in reservations, in a sort of human zoo, for our delight, and in order to preserve one of the national tour attractions intact.”

The anthropologist Napoleon Chagnon, who studied the Yanomami for several decades, was harassed for showing the harsh truth, the great violence of the Indians. Chagnon was attacked by the North American journalist, Patrick Tierney (in his book Darkness in El Dorado), and by the film-maker José Padilha (with his documentary Secrets of the Tribe), a documentary that leads many Catholic missionaries to justify paedophilia, as well as the documentary El Regreso de Yarima.
It so happens that all the sexually depraved talk about the "good savage", and that we must learn from them, and they torment anyone who says otherwise.

"In opposition to the Rousseau image of the good savage around the Indians (which is predominant among anthropologists), Chagnon documented a very aggressive and very "fierce" people, a label that the Yanomami themselves use to describe themselves.

"Chagnon found out that, among the Yanomamis, those who kill the most, have more women and more children." "In the wars between the Yanomamis, natural resources are not quarrelled over, but women. Curiously, at the beginning of Padilha's film, a Yanomami expressly confirms that, in fact, his war skirmishes basically seek to kidnap women. Why not believe the Yanomamis themselves?
But, presumably, neither Tierney nor the anthropology establishment likes this." "This is where the paternalism of people like Tierney becomes nauseating. In their imagination, the Yanomami are like those Bushmen in the film "The Gods Must Be Crazy," who live idyllically, until a white man throws a bottle of Coca Cola from an airplane, and for the first time discord arises in the tribe. Tierney and many anthropologists, in a tremendously paternalistic spirit, want to keep the Indians in human zoos for themselves to delight from their comfort in the First World, beholding the "purity" of the wildlife style.
"In Padilha's film, one of the anthropologists narrates how, for a Yanomami, it is tremendously laborious to cut down a tree with his primitive tools. When they receive machetes, the Yanomami accomplish their task more easily, and are grateful to Westerners. But, no, Tierney and his cohorts want the Yanomami to strain every nerve to keep a window on the Palaeolithic; they want to see the elephant in the circus.

This is the same attitude of Survival International, a deplorable institution that opposes development, and seeks at all costs to perpetuate the primitive lifestyle of the world's indigenous peoples, often even against the wishes of the indigenous people themselves. Napoleon Chagnon and the Yanomami

So the truth is that indigenous people are condemned to continue living their terrifyingly violent cultures, and with sexual practices that include paedophilia. The Amazon Synod says that now it is no longer time to evangelize them, nor to change their customs, and that we must adopt their cultures.

Make known the Documentary of the anthropologist N.Chagnon The Ax Fight published on the website of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, so that they stop manipulating people, saying that the indigenous people of the Amazon have cultures of non-violence, of wisdom, of peace, etc.

Anthropologist harassed and persecuted for showing the true life of the Indians in the Amazon, Napoleon Chagnon. In a part of the Documentary: He explains that in confrontation with other Amazon tribes, women are robbed, children are killed by stabbing, and babies are crushed against a stone.
If a woman doesn't have many bruises, she feels rejected by the men, and therefore the woman begs to be beaten. Video: The Savage Yanomami Cannibals of Brazil

Priest Historian Doctor J. Olivera Ravasi quotes several documents written by pro-indigenous atheist researchers, who confirm the indigenous paedophilia custom and sodomite practices. Watch the video Hasta Historiadores proindígenas confirman la violencia cultural indígena y el mito del paraíso prehispánicos

Bishop José Luis Azcona condemns the Instrumentum Laboris of the Amazon Synod
Article of the Catholic News Agency
Bishop José Luis Azcona, is the missionary bishop emeritus of Marajó, a diocese that includes dozens of islands in the Amazon River Delta. During his years of service in the region, Azcona lived under death threats for denouncing human trafficking and for defending the human rights of indigenous people.
He considers it completely distant from the reality in the region, contrary to the faith and also warns of the danger of schism in the Church.

Child sex slaves sold by their parents
Azcona next pointed the pervasive problems of child abuse in the Amazon region.
“Unfortunately, the synod doesn't know, or knowing doesn't understand, the significance, for the present and the future of the Amazon, of the faces of anguished, re-victimized and denigrated children, [abused] by their own parents and relatives, subjected to a slavery that forms an essential part of the abandoned and destroyed face of Jesus in the Amazon.”
«This entire document is straw if it doesn't understand or doesn't commit to the spirit and letter of the Gospel: 'He who receives a little one like this receives Me and he who receives Me, receives the Father who sent Me.’ ( Mc 9,37)».

In that regard he continued, “in Pará alone in one year there were 25,000 reports of crimes of this kind [Editor's note: pedophilia]. According to experts in this area, for every reported case of pedophilia there are four others besides. If during approximately one year there were 100,000 abused children in Pará, isn't this face of destroyed children an essential part of the Amazonian face?”

Where is the pastoral sensitivity, so evident and so firmly expressed by the Holy Father Pope Francis, expressed by those responsible for the Instrumentum laboris?” Azcona asked.
“Where is the defense of the Amazon, of its children, in the Instrumentum laboris, and, therefore, in the synod? Let's stop these false projections about the Amazon, and instead make possible new paths for it.”
“What is the Amazonian face? Can a synod next October of this magnitude be built with a presentation so far from reality, from identity, from respect for what is different, when pre-established schemes of interpretation of reality deform what is real?” he questioned.…

Thomas Stark: Tribes normally raise the children collectively; they behave promiscuously. This is what tribalism has in common with other forms of socialism. In tribalism there is no individual property, nor are there traditional families. The Austrian philosopher Professor Thomas Stark said the liberation theology once condemned by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith under Cardinal Josef Ratzinger has “morphed” into “tribalismand is now “all through” the synod’s working document. That’s why the Amazon Synod does not correct paedophile indigenous customs.
Read T.Stark Warning: Amazon Synod working doc promotes ‘most dangerous’ form of socialism

Clubb refers to 2018 reports according to which some twenty of the 300 Brazilian Indian tribes still practice infanticide. The True Face: Pope Francis’ Amazon Indians Illusion

They do not have mercy, neither priests, nor Consolata nuns who are there with them!! They do not help them to change!! They do not evangelize, who do they follow? Jesus Christ sure not.

"Infanticide is one deeply rooted “tradition” among the Yanomami. The mother carries it out when she moves away to give birth. She can then either welcome her newborn or kill the child by burying it alive. Infanticide eliminates children born with malformations or as a form of sex selection (males are preferred as a firstborn child). If twins are born, only one is allowed to live. If the two are males, the weaker one is killed. Twin killing is done simply to avoid taking care of two children simultaneously, as the children breastfeed for three years on average...."²*
"Men regularly consume the “Epená” plant or ferrule, which is a hallucinogenic substance. Shamans also use it in healing rituals as a means of identifying a disease by communicating with spirits."¹*
A Mission That Baptized No One in Fifty-Three Years: The Flawed Evangelization Model of the Pan-Amazonian Synod

05 October, 2019 Jefe amazónico denuncia que el sínodo dejará a las tribus condenadas a su estado primitivo (Amazonian chief denounces that the synod will leave the tribes condemned to their primitive state)

09 October 2019 Brazilian royalty, political authorities and tribal leaders have condemned the "politically biased" Amazon Synod as "not proportional to reality or objective facts" and an "indoctrination" pushing for tribal people "to remain in their primitive state."
Amazon Synod: Threat to Brazil’s Sovereignty and a Return to Primitivism

Historian Dr. Alberto Bárcena in his investigations tells us that the first victorious attack given by the Masons in Latin America was the one that was carried out against the first evangelisers, the Jesuit Missionaries of the Amazon. And it seems that now their final shot against the Church will be fired there, must it be a Masonic Kabbalah?
"La conquista de América" Dr.Alberto Bárcena 1/14 (The Conquest of America)

Pope Francis exhorts to learn from the spiritual wisdom of the Amazon Indians

Francis put the JP2I Marriage and Family in charge of a Publicly Declared Debauchee, Paglia. The debauchees are very inspired by indigenous culture, they want us to do the same.

The Amazon Synod does not correct the paedophile customs of the Indians. Could it be because they stopped evangelizing some time ago and now it is time to assimilate and adopt their customs?


Citas 1* 2* 3* A Mission That Baptized No One in Fifty-Three Years: The Flawed Evangelization Model of the Pan-Amazonian Synod
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What a great article, thank you. Does this not take the mask off Francis, as the false pope he is. As John XXIII warned against the spirit of the age, which he termed the Anti-Decalogue, Francis embraces the Anti-Decalogue with pride, gay pride or otherwise. Openly at times, and furtively at other times--Anti-pope Francis never ceases to pursue the agenda of the Anti-Christ.

May Professor Napol…More
What a great article, thank you. Does this not take the mask off Francis, as the false pope he is. As John XXIII warned against the spirit of the age, which he termed the Anti-Decalogue, Francis embraces the Anti-Decalogue with pride, gay pride or otherwise. Openly at times, and furtively at other times--Anti-pope Francis never ceases to pursue the agenda of the Anti-Christ.

May Professor Napoleon Chagnon, Requiescat in Pacem! Pray too for Holy Father Benedict, Pope Benedict--our forlorn, imprisoned and despised pope, but our one and only Pope nonetheless.
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Anthropologist Napoleon Chagnon died on September 21, 2019. What a coincidence!
Just now, must he have been murdered? The information says that he died in a hospital, without specifying the cause, he was 81 years old.
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