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Anti-Vaxx Protests LARGEST in Human History — “Over 31 Million Worldwide” - Getting Bigger by the Day

Anti-Vaccine Protests LARGEST in Human History — "Over 31 Million Worldwide" — Getting Bigger by …

The Media Doesn’t Want You to Know This Trucker convoys in Canada, massive protests through the streets of Europe, and large rallies in Washington …
Darby D Dillion
This can't end well, but it can't go on much longer, either; the social fabric is tearing.
Yes, another person on this site posted a main stream media presentation of the Freedom Truckers Convoy - main stream wants to paint them as a hodge podge of dissenters who want to over -throw the government and hate the media! This is the most massive convoy in history. The truckers are doing what a lot of us would like to do, stand up for our God-given rights to freedom!