Novichok Gas Princesse Theresa May Celebrates Abortion in Ireland

The British Prime Minister Theresa May who made a fool out of herself during an staged Novichok gas attack on a former Russian/British spy, has celebrated the introduction of abortion in Ireland,

“The Irish Referendum was an impressive show of democracy which delivered a clear and unambiguous result. I congratulate the Irish people on their decision and all of of #Together4Yes on their successful campaign” – she wrote on Twitter.

Father Alexander Lucie-Smith whose political judgment is often ill-conceived wrote flabbergasted on, “Mrs May does not have a reputation of being a pro-abortion ideologue, though her voting record on the matter is mixed.”

After May’s recent Tweet, what does it take for Lucie-Smith to be a pro-abortion ideologue?

May is now under pressure to introduce abortion in Northern Ireland.

The problem: The anti-Catholic Protestant Democratic Unionist Party is staunchly pro-life and the survival of May’s government depends on this party.

Picture: Theresa May, © DonkeyHotey, CC BY, #newsWnthbfvown
Northern Ireland is now the only part of the British Isles where human life is fully protected. The pro-life Protestants of the North should be defended from the apostate Catholics of the Republic.
Our Lady of Sorrows
She is celebrating the imminent deaths of unborn babies no mercy there!
"People think that freedom is achieved by protecting rights. In reality, freedom is achieved by protecting duties." David W. Cooney
Let meditate on the very public celebration of the practice of killing infants by the Princes of the This World.
It was an impressive show of the manipulation of democracy.