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Cardinal: The West Has Nothing to Offer but Emptiness

A prophetic Cardinal Robert Sarah addressed on May 21 in Chartres 15'000 old rite faithful at the end of the annual Paris-Chartres pilgrimage,

“The Western society, chosing to organize itself without God, has fallen into lies and selfishness”, he said during his homily.

Sarah pointed out that the Western society “has embraced the craziest ideologies and has become the target of an ethical terroism more destructive than the terror of the Islamists.”

“Forgive me these words”, he added, “but we must be lucid and realistic.”

Sarah called the West "a drunken boat in the night” which does not have enough love to welcome the children, to protect them in the mother's womb, no longer knows how to respect the old ones, and accompanies the sick to death.”

“The only thing it has to offer is emptiness and naught."

.....and so does the church. Should we embrace islam then Cdl. Sarah? Where were you and all the other bishops when you were suppose to be shepherding us from this evil??? What about the sinking church that you and other bishops are silent about???!!!
True and sad.
Right on Cardinal Sarah, right on.
Dr Bobus
Maybe it will become a mosque. Europe now is Eurabia.
We got McDonald's!