US Ambassador Quotes Francis to Promote Homosex-Propaganda

Daniel Foote, the U.S. Ambassador to Zambia, said on December 2, he was “horrified” by what he called an “oppressive sentencing” which condemned two practicing homosexuals to a 15-year prison term.

Homosexual fornication is outlawed in Zambia, in keeping with British colonial-era laws.

Foote played victim, whining that he had been “threatened” on social media over his violent comments. He went on citing Francis who “has repeatedly spoken about the [alleged] need for his Church to welcome and love all people, regardless of sexual orientation.”

Quoting Francis’ October 2016 statement Foote added that “people must be accompanied as Jesus accompanies them, when a person who has this condition arrives before Jesus, Jesus surely doesn't tell them 'go away because you are homosexual'."

Francis routinely suppresses the truths expressed in the Catechism of the Catholic Church 2357 that homosexual behaviour constitutes “acts of grave depravity” which are “intrinsically disordered,” “contrary to natural law” and cannot be approved “under any circumstances.”

Zambia President Edgar Lungu declared that his government would rather forgo U.S. aid than accept homosexual fornication.

U.S. President Trump announced in February a global initiative to press governments around the world to promote homosexual misbehaviour.

Picture: Daniel Lewis Foote, #newsSipygsohkp
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