Strange Turn in Alleged Abuse Case

The former novice who accused two monks of the monastery Cristo Orante, Tupungato, Argentina, of gross abuses did not show up at the prosecutors office on January 2, nor did his girlfriend and his parents.

All these witnesses were legally required to testify.

Later in the day prosecutor Javier Pasqua told Canal 9 Mendoza that he was contacted by the complainer's lawyers who asked to cancel the interrogation because of an alleged "extreme posttraumatic stress". He claimed that "70% percent" of the case is clarified.

Talking to MDZ Radio (January 3) Eduardo de Oro, the lawyer of the defendants, called the accusations "totally false".

In the meantime, Mendoza Archbishop Marcelo Colombo closed down the monastery ordering the four remaining monks to abandon the place. Two novices had to return to their families. A professed monk and a novice who is a priest will be shifted to a parish.

Picture: Monasterio del Cristo Orante, #newsTbrwpvmzxm