Sharp Arguments: Viganò Refutes Ratzinger, Sarah On "Reform Of Reform"

The same malice has produced both the ambiguous texts of Vatican II and the ambiguous New Rite, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò told ResNovae.fr (June 15).

Their authors knew that the "conservative" bishops would interpret both in a Catholic way, while the real intention and outcome was everything but that. Viganò asks the revealing question,

"Have you ever seen a priest who celebrates the Novus Ordo with the altar facing God, entirely in Latin, wearing the fiddleback (Roman) chasuble and distributing Communion at the Communion rail, without this arousing the ire of his bishop and confreres, even though, strictly speaking, this way of celebrating would be perfectly legitimate?"

Some priests have indeed tried to do this but have been treated "worse than those who habitually celebrate the Tridentine Mass,” Viganò stresses.

He disagrees with Ratzinger, Sarah and others who advocated for a gradual “liturgical revival” of the New Mass. For Viganò such attempts use window-dressing to make the unpresentable New Rite presentable. He asks the obvious question: “What is the point of celebrating the Novus Ordo towards God, changing the Offertory prayers and distributing Communion on the tongue, when the Roman Mass has always provided for this?”

The “Reform of the Reform” starts for Viganò from the same erroneous presuppositions which animated the changes after Vatican II when the liturgy was modified "at will" and the venerable Roman Rite was "modernised" and distorted. Recently, the "Reform of the Reform" wanted to dress up the New Rite "to make it look like what it is not and does not want to be,” Viganò states.

In the first case, this forced a queen [= the Roman Rite] to wear clogs and dress in rags, in the second, a commoner [= the New Rite] would be made to wear a royal tiara over ruffled hair or sitting on a throne in a straw hat. Behind these attempts lies for Viganò something which these prelates don't dare to confess: "the failure of the Council and even more so of its liturgy.”


So many people afraid to call a spade a spade! The novus ordo is terrible get rid of it! Vigano is right!
“Liturgy is not truly liturgy unless it remains above the manipulation of those who celebrate it.” (Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger)