German Diocesan Priests Tell Their Bishops: "You Are On the Road to Hell"

The priestly circle CommunioVeritatis.de which operates under the patronage of "St. Pope John Paul II" and is based in Paderborn, Germany, published on Gloria.tv (May 13) a strong rebuke of Presiding Limburg bishop Georg Bätzing.

The group's spokesman is Father Frank Unterhalt. The statement accuses Bätzing and his accomplices of promoting heresy at their German Synod and of walking on the “road to hell.” Their chosen picture shows the flames of hell.

The priests accuse the bishops of not leading the souls to salvation but of doing the opposite. “You are carrying out the work of the wolves,” the document says, “You are tearing apart the Body of Christ by disregarding the Word of God and falsifying the teachings of His Church.”

And, “You are killing the sheep because you are spreading heretical deceit.”


And thank God for these priests that are opposing these bishops
Resist reject refuse evil idiologies in the church ,stay firm in the Truth .
And they are running full speed!