Germany: Ecumenical Convention Uses Body of Christ as Toy for Act of Defiance

At the Ecumenical Convention in Frankfurt (May 15), it was up to "Catholics" and "Protestants" to help themselves either by taking Holy Communion or by eating bread at the Protestant Lord's Supper.

The two presidents of the Convention made a start with a childish act of defiance. The President of the Central Committee of German Catholics, Thomas Sternberg, took part in the Protestant service and ate bread there. The Protestant President, Bettina Limperg, the president of the Federal Supreme Court in Karlsruhe, sacrilegiously took the Body of Christ at a mass in Frankfurt Cathedral the same evening (pictured).

The celebrant of the mass, pro-homosex Father Johannes zu Eltz, "apologised" to Protestants by insulting the Church with the gratuitous claim that the Protestants had to struggle under the "arrogance" and "efforts of demarcation" from the Catholic side: "I ask forgiveness for this and thank you for your forbearance."

The president of the German bishops, Limburg's Georg Bätzing, sat in the mass and picked up communion in the hand.


Just because someone claims The Blessed Mother told them something, doesn't make it true. Far too many seers and visionaries have been exploiting Catholics' devotion to Mary in this fashion for entirely too long. If "the chastisement" has begun, it seems to be a very selective one which is contrary to every divine punishment in Scripture.
Liam Ronan
The loss of Faith of a continent is worse that its annihilation. I should say that chastisement is well underway.
Perhaps you would, but if Scripture is any guide to chastisements sent by God and that seems to be a fair assumption, then they simply don't work that way. You see any fire 'n brimstone soaking downtown Berlin? Has Cardinal Marx suddenly coming down a plague of loathesome boils? ;-)
Jeffrey Ade
According to Don Minutella, Our Blessed Lady told him the chastisement officially began with the crime of pagan idol worship by bergolio in St. Peter's basilica! Closing of Catholic Churches is one evident sign!
Can the chastisement be far off?