Regime Change: Francis Becomes Biden's Altar Boy

Francis received on May 15 John Kerry, the special Climate Envoy of Biden's woke regime, who visited the Vatican for a closed-door conference on the same day about “Dreaming of a Better Restart.”

"Restart" seems to have replaced the ominous "reset." Participants included the finance ministers of Mexico, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Argentina, left-wing economists, and the heads of the World Bank, the African Union, the Rockefeller Foundation and the International Monetary Fund.

A flattering Kerry told VaticanNews.va that he met Francis because he is a “moral authority on the subject of climate crisis” and “one of, if not the most powerful voices on the planet." Yet, it's the oligarchs who decide through their media which voices to make "powerful," and which to suppress.

“The Vatican may be a small entity," Kerry kept flattering, "but the flock is enormous on a global basis and His Holiness, Pope Francis, has the ability to help galvanise action from countries.”

Kerry is a “Catholic” on paper whose abortion stances were condemned by the US Bishops in 2004, when he ran for President. The courageous then-St. Louis Archbishop Raymond Burke waged a Communion war against him.


Love those masks and the social distancing, gaiz. A must for thee but not for me. ;-)
@mccallansteve Sure. Pope Francis would have been kissing Mr. Kerry's shoes if he'd brought fresh baked empanadas and a case of Monster Energy Yerba Mate (which has the distinction of being the worst tasting flavor in the entire product line.)
Could Francis possibly be any happier?
Periodic reminder that Francis still hasn't made time for an audience with Burke, Brandmuller, or Zen.