5/29/21 The weapons of the enemies are ready, a great massacre will soon take place, the thunder of rocket bombers will be heard in every corner of the Earth!

The terrible days will come for this stupid Humanity now.
The truth is only in Jesus Christ, the One who created all things: the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit… the Holy Trinity.
Rejoice, stars of love, for Love is coming to embrace you; be ready with girded hips, shoes on your feet and a cane in hand.
Thunder will fall from Heaven to earth and there will be darkness everywhere, and despair will overwhelm those who have not followed the God of Love, Jesus Christ the Lord, those who have given their lives into the hands of Satan.
The world stole my children, Lucifer was cunning, he managed to seduce people, he managed to distance them from me.
Despite the constant calls of heaven, the appeals of the Blessed Virgin, Jesus and the prophets sent by God to proclaim the Truth, man remains steadfast on the way to complete self-destruction.
The tears of the Blood of Jesus and of Mary are already sprinkling the earth, my children! So much blood is shed on this Earth by the innocent, those who are used for evil by mighty Earths who want nothing more than to get to be bigger and bigger, but,…. bigger than what? In a short time everything will be destroyed and they will be the first to lose everything, the first to lose all their power, money, but most of all their soul!
You have come to the point, people, you have been able to destroy all that is good, you have exalted Satan! Evil persecutes this Humanity and everything that belongs to this world.
God's voice cries out for conversion, oh people! He asks you to quickly return to Love, to respect for God's Law, to respect God's Commandments, to live in holiness. Convert in this time, before what you do not even expect happens, because then you will have no possibility of anything.
The warning is over you now, my children, if you do not convert before this happens, you will go to suffer on this planet, sweat your blood, you will suffer what you deserve, what you have chosen for yourself instead of Good.
The weapons of the enemies are ready, a great massacre will soon take place, the thunder of rocket bombers will be heard in every corner of the Earth!
This earth is to be surrounded by fire that will explode not only from the earth, but also from heaven. You have no idea, My children, what awaits you. The tears that Jesus and Mary shed, the tears of blood, is not a game, but a deep sadness for your loss, for how you walk! Jesus and Mary see their children fall into the unfortunate hands of the hellish enemy, they already see them fall into hell, they already hear their deep cry of pain, but then nothing will be possible, because the choices will already be made.
The time at your disposal is just a snap of your fingers!
There is no more time, My children! There is no more time! Convert quickly!
Work for good things, offer yourselves in mercy to your God-Love,
be love among yourselves and bestow love on your brothers.
Pray for your enemies, pray for those people who have now fallen into the hands of Satan; these children are not going to repent and return to Jesus, ... return to God's love, ... return to the arms of their Heavenly Mother, their word is in Satan ... they lost everything, they lost everything! My poor children!
The bloody moon is a very important sign of these times. Blood will fall from heaven to earth, the earth will be bathed in blood! There will be many martyrs, there will be many people who will fall… so much will be shed on this planet, so many, My children, so much. And yet you think of nothing but your future on this Earth, ... you save money, ... decorate your homes, ... choose the most beautiful car. My children, you are wasting your time! You're wasting your time.
The time you spend on these matters, devote to prayer, kneel before the Crucifix and beg, really beg God to intervene over you, beg for His mercy, beg, my children, for God's mercy.
Great pain will be for this Humanity, great pain! But Heaven remains amazed at human behavior, at his indifference. There is no more love in man, there is only wickedness, Satan's poison has replaced the blood in their veins, he has imposed curses and misfortunes.
Onward warriors of Light! Forward my children!
... O you who follow Jesus Christ through Mary.
Co-redemptrix in the work of salvation;
... o you who are his faithful army on this earth;
…you! … Draw your swords, because the enemy is before you now;
... hold fast to the word of God in your hearts,
Let fiery words of love flow from your mouth;
let your strength be a deadly lightning against your enemies.
in the sword in your hands: the Holy Rosary.
Terrible days will come now for this stupid Humanity ... days of great sorrow for many, while for others there will come a new Spring, a new Sun, a new Day, entering a new life: ... happiness in the arms of the Heavenly Mother and Father Creator! You will have the grace to know the beauty of the Universe, to see with your own eyes all God's Creation! God's love! God's mercy!
My children, you who are in My Heart, you who are My faithful soldiers, you who fight for the Truth… you are close to being taken from above! Your rapture is near! May your hearts be always pure, always in love and mercy, ready for the Word of God, for a cry for love to God the Creator.
My children, Heaven commands you to love! He commands you to be charitable! Heaven embraces you and covers you. Be strong in your calling, be strong in this special mission to which God has called you. He gave each of you a gift, a gift that will soon be revealed to the eyes of the world, not only yours, because even you do not know it; you will be revealed to the world by the Love of God, you will be human in God and you will be great in God! Initiated into holiness, you will be holy in the Holy One and you will enter His world, the City of gold.
I love you, I bless you and I am waiting for you always in faithful love for me.
In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen