Jesuit Activist Stan Swamy Died As “Terrorist”

Father Stan Swamy, 84, a Jesuit and activist who was unjustly kept in prison by the Indian government on charges of “terrorism,” has died on July 5. May he rest in peace.

Swamy defended the rights of tribal communities. He died at a hospital in Mumbai where he was interned since Mai after contracting Covid-19 in prison. He suffered from an advanced stage of Parkinson’s disease and spent nine month in detention where his health severely deteriorated.

The Jesuit died while his application for release was still before the court. Below is an English letter from the Provincial of the Jamshedpur Jesuit Province.


alfred dunn
Jesuit and activist should clue you into something. One wonders how many conversions to the true faith he made among tribal communities? I see a Francis saint in the making.
May he rest in the arms of our lord +++