She’s getting gender reassignment surgery because some of her identities are male. Serious mental health crisis,
George Obregon
Missy needs to make peace with her past...
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Missy needs to make peace with her past...

/Lurking Variables
Alex A
Sad, sad girl.
That's a girl? Bish needs some SERIOUS time on YouTube watching makup tutorials. :P
John A Cassani
I’d be interested to find out if her mom had tattoos. It strikes me that the acceptance, and now pervasiveness, of tattooed women was a very logical precursor to what is going on here. Start by permanently disfiguring one’s skin, then cut off appendages. In my home state, tattoo parlors and drinking in bowling alleys only became legal in the last twenty years. Now, these atrocities are encouraged.
@John A Cassani Untold thousands of women have gotten tattoos, even extensive full-body coverage without warping their sense of gender. I'd post photos of their art-work but that would be an occasion of sin for some here. No matter. YFS...
This woman needs mental help but most of all spiritual help
The mentally ill should be protected from social media. Pray for this poor woman and hope that the $$$ doctors don't go ahead with the mutilation of the body that God gave her.