Francis Strengthens Position of Gay-Scandal Prelate

Pope Francis strengthened the position of gay-scandal Prelate Battista Ricca in the Vatican Bank, (August 10) writes.

Ricca will no longer be a representative figure, but will have his own office and act as a liaison between administrators and employees.

He will follow the bank’s work, act as the secretary of the Cardinals' Commission and attend the meetings of the Superintendence Council.

Only three months after his election, Francis named Ricca “Prelate of the Vatican Bank” although Ricca is a known homosexual.

While working at the Montevideo Apostolic Nunciature, Uruguay, he had an affaire with Patrick Haari in 1999 and was once left badly beaten after trawling notorious gay hangouts.

He was therefore transferred to Rome in 2000 where more gay scandals followed.

Gesù è con noi
Bergoglio betrays Christ and the Church. Poor sodomite Ricca instead of repenting Bergoglio condemns him to eternal damnation.
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These two share so much....bed too?
St Michael the Archangel defend us in battle
He has the Antipope’s ‘blessing.’

It will take the Immaculate Heart to sort this mess out, namely the Homosexual Network Strangling the Church, of which Francis is the chief.

“Rejoice O Virgin Mary, alone thou hast destroyed all heresies throughout the world!”
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Jim Dorchak
Ok so now he is a Rich, Homo Cleric, who has the Popes blessing. Perfect.
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Hey Jim Dorchak, weren't you the guy askin' a few days ago, "how could things possibly get worse?" :D Y'all just had to ask, right? :P
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Jim Dorchak
Yeah I hate myself sometimes.... mea culpa,,, mea culpa,,, mea culpa... Oh well the world will end and God will sort all of this out. I am happy I do not have to do that job! Thanks for the assist.
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