Dirty Tricks: Pontifical Academy For Contraception "Deletes" Contraception Tweet

The Pontifical Academy for Contraception "deleted" a tweet on August 10 that questioned that the Church's condemnation of contraception is infallible.

The Academy's Fabrizio Mastrofini asked PillarCatholic.com "not to speak" about the cancellation, a ploy to encouraging the outlet to talk about it.

Earlier, the Academy’s account had labelled negative responses to the tweet as "insults and out-of-control criticism" from "fake accounts." Loudly proclaiming a lie and then "retracting" it, is an old manipulation tactic of dishonest politicians to get people used to untruths.

Since June, the Academy’s Twitter account has been promoting a Vatican published book that advocates contraception.

Spanish bioethicist Elena Postigo, an Academy member, distanced herself from the book saying that "many members" of the Academy had not know about it.

Picture: Vincenzo Paglia © Mazur, CC BY-NC-ND, #newsWvlltrnogv

John Fritz Logan
I am not sure whether this was a clear tactic. They were simply getting crushed in the comments repeatedly and facing pushback from their own members. This may have been genuine incompetence.