Viganò: Francis Homosex Steps Are "Suicidal Gesture"

Francis' recent endorsement of the “aberrant provocations" of the homosex activist James Martin is only one more step down a path that started with his famous “Who am I to judge?” - Archbishop Carlo Viganò told (July 8).

For him, this is "a suicidal gesture" by which Francis handed over the entire flock of Christ as a hostage to the Enemy. He identifies homosex ideology as a mortal threat for our entire society, the family, the human person, and the Church.

Viganò explains that Martin doesn't seek the conversion of homosexuals but the illusion of some "change" in Catholic doctrine that would legitimise their sinful behaviour.

He stresses that a large part of the [homosex] clergy wants that the bishops endorse the homosex ideology, "This way, they show an execrable conflict of interest and a very deep moral and disciplinary crisis."


Lucas No No
It's doesn't matter who you are or how you live your life... unless you're a faithful catholic...
Viganò also notices that Cardinals Cupich, Tobin and Gregory are unworthy of celebrating the Sacred Mysteries
Also Viganò on the recognition of the LGBTQ+ ideology in the Church, "An emblematic example could be the case of a man ordained as a priest who at a certain point believes that he identifies as a woman: should we prepare for the eventuality of seeing Mass celebrated by a trans-sexual or a transvestite?"
Michael Ben Driver
If that were ever to happen at Mass where I was present, I would be compelled to interrupt, and bodily remove that demon from the church. I would have NO qualms picking him up, throwing him on my shoulder, and taking him outside. I'm disabled, and this action would likely finish placing me in a wheelchair, but I would GLADLY do this!