Traditional Benedict Center Answers De Facto Interdict

The Diocese of Manchester has announced that the "Benedict Center" based in Richmond, New Hampshire, is not allowed to call itself Catholic. The sacraments may not be celebrated at the group’s center, because of a dispute over Church doctrine.

The group traces its origins to Father Leonard Feeney, holds to a strict interpretation of the doctrine that outside the Church there is no salvation.

The Benedict Center answered with the following press release Janaury 10, 2019

With respect to the unfortunate press release of the Diocese of Manchester of January 8th , 2019 and the undated canonical precept recently issued by one of its officials , we look forward to resolving what we respectfully believe are misunderstandings on his part.

We reaffirm our filial submission to, and communion with the Roman Pontiff and his local shepherd, the Diocesan Bishop and all of the Catholic faithful in union with them and the one Head of the Catholic Church, Christ Almighty .

1. The Saint Benedict Center strives to work in good faith with our Diocesan Bishop so we can be brought to a common understanding of the Church’s dogmata and doctrine and the acceptable limits of their interpretation.

2. With respect to an official of the Diocese stating that our teachings are not Catholic, I would refer you to our letter of March 7th , 2017 that fully demonstrates our loyal submission to the official dogmata and doctrine of the Catholic Church. It has now been posted on our website.

3. As faithful Catholics we wish to continue dialogue with the local Diocesan Bishop and the officials of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in conformity with the principles outlined in its Instruction Donum Veritatis of May 24, 1990.
I personally know the brothers at the , Saint Benedict Center and they are as solid as a Catholic as you would ever want to meet.