Foolish Vatican Cardinal Compares Minister Salvini To "Abortionists"

The Papal Almoner, Curia Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, has compared the popular Catholic Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini to abortionists and dictators.

Explained to (May 4) that his office does not distribute gifts to everyone, Krajewski gave as an example that he cannot donate to a hospital "where abortions take place" although Pope Francis cultivates the most ruthless Italian abortionist, or to “certain characters in Venezuela.”

As another example, he mentioned Minister Salvini whose request "we would deny."

But, "Maybe the cardinal would donate for Salvini’s wedding," the embarrassing cardinal tried to crack a joke.

The Vatican lost its political credibility after it bound itself to the former Italian government, a group of abortionists, homosexualist, and leftwing, anti-people and anti-family capitalist.

Picture: Matteo Salvini, #newsGplsppzslq