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Cardinal Müller: Political Elites Hate Church, Create One World Religion

Among the so called political elites, there is an "unleashed hatred" of the Catholic Church, said Cardinal Gerhard Müller at a November 21 book presentation in Weltenburg Abbey, Germany.

The elites want to create a "unified religion" as kind of "spiritual union for all people in material wealth but without any transcendence," Müller explained.

He added that the "new world elite" can hardly resist the temptation to act like a new master race.


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Could someone get a complete translation of this address. It is very important. Thank you!
Will people still be calling it a mad conspiracy theory if within years there really is a World Government that outlaws the practise of Christianity and that constrains all people in the world to cooperate with the World Government or face total penury?
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So what are YOU doing about it?